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Buying Options

We excel in creating

quality, affordable

homes for individuals

and families.


Our activities range from large-scale neighbourhood regeneration projects to providing accommodation for specific target groups.We offer a selection of buying options.

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is a part-buy/part-rent scheme. It lets you buy a share of a property and pay a subsidised rent on the rest. You can normally buy between 35% and 75% of the property. The combined monthly costs of your rent and mortgage will normally be less than buying the property or renting on the open market. Click here for more information.

Regional and Bespoke Development Equity Loans

Equity loan schemes offer low-interest loans that boost your affordability by topping up your mortgage. These schemes allow you to purchase a property that you would normally be unable to afford. The loans rate charges varies from scheme to scheme however typically begins at 1.75%. This scheme allows you to purchase a property on the open market, including pre owned homes – however cannot be used in conjunction with another scheme. Click here for more information.


At Catalyst we have a specialist Sales Team dedicated to pre-owned shared ownership properties also known as ‘Resales’. These properties become available when existing shared owners wish to sell their stake in the property, normally as a result of moving up the property ladder.

To view our resale properties for sale click here.

Private Sale

If you are able to purchase a property without any Government assistant we have a fantastic selection of properties available on the open market.

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